Revolutionary Scientific Ideas, Stanford

  • “Prof. McCaskey is very skillful at leading exciting, in-depth, & productive discussions. He encourages everyone to participate equally & is open to many viewpoints. Cares about students’ learning & respects their views. He made everyone comfortable.” “Best course I’ve taken in a long time. Best professor, too!”
  • “Incredibly talented & approachable.” “A+"
  • “I really appreciated the professor’s prompt feedback and help on essay topics.”
  • “He kept individual contact with each student and inspired you to learn and research for your own interests.” “Excellent Class.”
  • “Thorough knowledge of course material, passionate about the subject.” “The best history course I’ve taken here at Stanford. Do it again!”
  • “perfect” “Somebody should give McCaskey tenure. This was the best course I’ve taken at Stanford.”
  • Very interesting course overall-my first course on the history of science, and I really enjoyed it.”
  • “One of the best courses I have ever taken at Stanford. Thank you.”
  • “This course was very interesting. It was a wonderful insight into how history is written.”

This is all (not a sample) of students’ ratings and free-form comments about the professor and the history course, “Revolutionary Scientific Ideas,” a seminar I taught a couple times while a grad student at Stanford. The students ranged from sophomores to graduate students. The highlighting is mine.


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